Black Desert Mobile Korea adds a new succession class for the Berserker


So the opening part of the video for the new class added to Black Desert Mobile sees the character whipping an enemy into the ground by their ankle. That should probably tell you all you need to know about the new succession class for the Berserker. Say hello to the Titan, a stompy, angry, whirling mass of this guy literally used a humanoid like a flail.

The Korean version of the mobile MMORPG has introduced the Titan succession class, which is different from the Awakenings that Black Desert players are used to in that the class keeps its weapons and skills but gets some new buttons to hit. In the case of the Titan, those buttons appear to be focused on running or spinning in to as many enemies as possible in a mad cavalcade of damage numbers.

Of course, this is all for the Korean build of the mobile game. There’s still no word on whether this new feature will make it to the Western release of the title, which is due for some time later this year. Still, the Titan certainly looks like something to look forward to, and you can witness its mad rage in the video below.

source: MMO Culture

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the succession options were confirmed for pc version later this year btw, difference is it will just be a spec for your class and not a permanent choose-one-or-the-other thing