Echo of Soul takes a trip to the beach, sells for under a buck


Who needs to go home and treat games like work when it’s the middle of the summer? Let’s all take a cue from Echo of Soul and head out to the beach for a bit of sand and fun. The recently-resurrected fantasy MMORPG recently kicked off its summer event on Stingray Island, where players can take a break from nonstop fighting to engage in a bit of frivolities (for rewards, of course).

This is a gated event, however: “Since it wouldn’t do to show up on the beach in one’s full armor, players have to obtain appropriate beach garments before being allowed entry to the sunny island world. Summery quests await the beachgoers who can explore the magnificent Manta Reef, crack coconuts, have water balloon fights, and much more.”

Echo of Soul was brought back to life last fall in North America by Gamigo. Right now through August 6th, the title can be purchased for less than a buck on Steam.

Source: Gamigo

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Castagere Shaikura

This game gets a bad rap to me. It’s an old school MMO with tab targeting and one of the best quest trackers I’ve ever seen. If you been playing MMOs as long as I have(1999) sometimes you want a fun casual game to play. Frankly, I’m sick and tired of all the top tier MMOs out right now. Mostly sick of the elitism of the communities. Every time I play one of these minor MMOs I find they always have the best communities in them and they are mostly older people that feel like I do. And its got positive reviews on steam. So for a dollar, it’s not bad.


It’s funny to see echo of soul get some coverage here. It was firmly in the “so bad it’s good” territory for me when I somehow managed to play it up to the level cap a few months ago. Between the awful Google translate dialogue, straight copy/paste environments and monsters, etc. it was a trainwreck I guess I couldn’t look away from. You half expected to get to higher level zones and just see a sign stating something along the lines of “we didn’t expect anyone to get this far, sorry there’s no more content.” I’m honestly shocked since I checked out this beach event and it’s pretty high quality….I enjoyed it the most out of everything I’ve done in the game, oddly enough.