Final Fantasy XI fires up a welcome back campaign for its summer celebrations

Hey, it's okay.

If it’s been a while since you last stepped into Final Fantasy XI’s Vana’diel, the developers would certainly like you to stop back in. Why would you do that? Well, possibly because you can come back for free starting on August 9th. If you have an inactive set of characters, you can log in, explore the event and the world, and remember all the fun you had before (along with getting a sense of how much the game has changed) until August 19th. Of course, you’ll need to have the game installed and updated, but that’s less of a burden these days as well.

This also coincides with the game’s Sunbreeze Festival, which is available for both returning visitors and regular players starting on August 13th. This includes the traditional Fantastic Fraulein Mumor shows, minigames at street vendors, fireworks festivals, and vendors selling the rewards from the prior year. It’s a peaceful chance to think back on the past of FFXI and enjoy a stroll down memory lane, then.

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Ugh.. right when finals weekend starts.


I have tried a couple times to get my old account back and up and running and their support has given me the run around every time. FFXI was my first MMO experience and I was in my teens trying it when it first came out. I have no idea where my cd-key is nor do I recall any of my playonline information (conveniently written inside my long since misplaced FFXI manual). Their recovery system was asking for the last four digits of the credit card last used on the account, my address at the time of the last billing, and all sorts of other things teenage me wouldnt have thought to keep track of.

I tried giving them as much information about my account as i could remember, character names, people on my friends list, rough level ranges for my classes, notable achievements, and whatever else came to mind.

Nope. Not enough. I’ve pretty much given up on seeing any of my old characters and satiating that bit of nostalgia. I refuse to buy another copy of the game just to wander around for a few “oh yeah!” moments. The support for this game remains as horrible as I recall it back in the day.

Joseph Groulx

I spent a long time with them trying to get my account back, they sent me a paper I had to get notarized and mail back to them to recover my account.


With the way the game is now, It’s really not a huge ordeal to start a new acct. I decided to play again after 10-12 yrs last winter, Still playing right now.
If your looking for a high population server I recommend “Asura”.