RuneScape Q&A covers banking, farming, and more as Jagex teases August updates


Often, Q&A sessions with the devs have a sort of focus, be it a new expansion release or a gameplay style or some other common theme. The most recent Q&A session from the folks at RuneScape had no such theme, however, because sometimes you just need to create a potpourri of player questions and address them.

The video starts off with a brief word about the beta for Bank Placeholders and Weapon Diversity, which was delayed but has since gone live, and also offers some words about tweaks to the player-owned farm nerf that landed in the game recently. It then rolls on with the questions and answers, taking up queries regarding a myriad of interests, from game engine updates to the Comp cape rework and nearly everything in between.

If all of this perhaps seems a bit confounding to you because you’ve been away from RuneScape for a while, the team offered a link to a handy player-made guide to help shepard the lapsed to what’s new. There’s also freebies for Twitch Prime members in the form of weapon and armor skins if you feel like dressing up.

As for the Q&A, the video is embedded below and a synopsis for those who don’t have an hour to kill is at the subreddit.

Want a peek at what’s coming next in the game? Jagex posted a preview for August too:

sources: YouTube, Twitter