Warframe on Nintendo Switch gets a performance boosting patch


One of the more remarkable things about the Nintendo Switch is that it can provide you with some pretty high fidelity gaming in a portable package. Of course, that’s not always the case, and graphical and performance hits are usually the tradeoff owing to the system’s lower power specs when compared to other consoles. Still, after a bit of a delay, the devs of Warframe have managed to work a little magic and improve the game’s performance on the Nintendo Switch.

The majority of the update is focused on performance and stability improvements, fixing an issue where cloth and non-GPU particle systems were running on the game thread which hindered performance. The update also fixes a memory leak issue that has been plaguing the game since launch. The team even managed to remaster shaders and re-introduced the option to have volumetric lighting for those who want a little more sunlight in their world.

As for content, the majority of this update is about cosmetics, with a new Quatz collection of items, some new Tennogen bundles, and some changes to Clan XP and other fixes. The full patch notes are right here.

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Tobasco da Gama

I really hope DE implements cross-save some day. I keep Warframe installed ony my Switch, but I never actually play it there because… well, partly because I’m a snob about playing shooters with a controller but mostly because I know nothing I do will carry over to my PC account (and vice versa).