MMO Week in Review: New shinies for LOTRO, DDO, and Star Trek Online as E3 suffers data breach


Multiple big MMORPGs got major announcement this week: Lord of the Rings Online announced a new Dwarf race, Dungeons and Dragons Online revealed a new Alchemist class and permadeath server, and Star Trek Online took the wraps off the Awakening expansion. And it’s all going on across the stage of August, where World of Warcraft’s WoW Classic is still a much-anticipated star player.

Meanwhile, all eyes are on the ESA right now, as the powerful US video game lobby has come under fire for an E3 data breach that exposed the personal identifying information for over 2000 journalists, exhibitors, investors, and analysts. The ESA claims the breach was the result of a “vulnerability” in its website portal, though that’s apparently bullshit, and it certainly doesn’t help those now being doxxed and considering lawsuits and GDPR-related action.

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