Dungeons and Dragons Online devs talk up the Alchemist and the permadeath server

Still crazy after all these years.

Ready to embrace a permadeath lifestyle? While that normally scares off MMO players, the Dungeons and Dragons Online community has fostered this kind of play, which ultimately promoted Standing Stone Games to create an official hardcore permadeath league server. Following the surprise announcement of that and the Alchemist class at GenCon last weekend, SSG sat down with DDO Players to explain why this will spice up the game.

“There are people who are looking for challenge stacked upon challenge stacked up challenge,” the devs explained. “It drastically changes how you play the game.” The team said that players rolling fresh on this three-month server on August 16th will need to prize survivability over straight-up DPS. The server will only exist for 90 days, after which SSG will evaluate what to do with it (“We don’t know what effect this will have on the community,” the studio said.). There will be no resurrection spells, by the way, so plan your strategies carefully.

SSG also talked about its newest class that’s in development. The Alchemist is a full spellcasting class with 90 spells that use a unique mechanic depending on how they are used. Another big adjustment coming for DDO are XP changes to encourage players to experience a wider range of dungeons rather than replay the same small set of instances over and over until they burn out. Get the full interview below!

Source: DDO Players. Thanks DDOCast!

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The Alchemist class sounds much more interesting than I initially thought it would be after the devs’ description during this interview. Ninety spells is crazy for a casting class!