H1Z1 opens wide the landscape of its new Outland map


Smaller size, muscle cars, and a place for pretty much every type of battle royale playstyle (though I always thought “shoot people, don’t get shot at” was the only playstyle). It’s the Outland, which arrived to PlayStation 4 players of H1Z1 at the beginning of August and continues to get lauded on the game’s official Twitter, unsurprisingly.

As we mentioned before in our MOP Up last week, Outland is meant to be a celebration of all things H1Z1 battle royale. The 4km by 4km play space features five diverse areas that are specially designed to provide all of the moments that battle royale fans crave:

“Every corner, building, POI, and line of sight has been tested and iterated on. Players get into the action faster than ever before, on terrain specifically designed to balance the many strategic playstyles, weapon options, and solo/team dynamics in H1Z1. Most importantly, we’ve endeavored to create a map that offers new and different experiences each match without EVER breaking the fundamental competitive balance so integral to the core H1Z1 experience.”

Of course, the Outland map isn’t all that’s new. There’s four new cars, two new guns, 100 new tiers of seasonal rewards, and a number of gameplay updates and bug fixes. If you missed out last week, you can get the full guided tour right here.

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