EVE-inspired MMORTS Starborne celebrates its third alpha server launch


Have you ever heard of Starborne? It’s a large-scale MMORTS where players seek to control territory in a massive map over individual eight week-long campaign sessions. It comes from Icelandic studio Solid Clouds, which was formed by former devs of EVE Online, including former art director Ásgeir Ásgeirsson and former lore and design dev Hrafnkell Óskarsson. It evidently has a dedicated playerbase: Over 90,000 players are registered, clocking in better than 38,000 in-game days worth of playtime. Things are expanding so much that the devs are launching a third server as alpha rolls on.

In spite of its dedicated success, it would appear that the devs are looking to get the game’s name out there, hence the presser we received full of proud statements about Starborne’s “best game you’ve never heard of” status.

“In an online space dominated by fantasy RPGs, first-person shooters and battle royale games, Starborne is forging a unique position within the PC MMO sector, offering players an intellectually challenging yet highly accessible alternative. One in which every decision you make has a meaningful impact that shapes the outcome of each game.”

There’s also a new video explaining just what makes Starborne stand out. You can check it out below, or find out by signing up and playing yourself; the game is free-to-play and in an open alpha.

sources: press release, PC Gamer
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