Neverwinter previews the new Stardock Arena for PvP


Look, if no one else will say it, we will: It feels a little weird to have a fantasy game like Neverwinter sporting an area called the Stardock Arena. That’s not inherently a bad thing; it’s just a bit weird. There. We have that out of our system. But it looks like a nice new addition to the game’s PvP maps, as it’s a triangular map floating near the Stardock over Toril and offers some new ways to move against your opponents without offering clear advantages to any side in the fight.

This isn’t the only update arriving for PvP, either, as players will also have new armor sets to earn, new AP potions for use in the arena, and adjusted values on existing PvP consumables across the board. All good things! If you can get over the slight thematic weirdness of the name (and you almost certainly can), it’ll no doubt offer something new for avid PvP fans in the game. It’s launching with the game’s Uprising update just next week, to boot.

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Bruno Brito

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