Pantheon Rise of the Fallen’s latest roundtable discussion is all about programming


Nothing about programming is sexy, as far as my plebeian mind can ascertain. Its lines of digital eldritch language that weave together the threads of life to make things happen in video games, but that’s about the flashiest prose I can offer the practice, while the reality is likely more hand-crampy and bleary-eyed than that. Still, it’s most certainly a necessity when you’re developing an old-school MMORPG like Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen, and that’s what the latest developer roundtable is all about.

The podcast invited senior programmer Jason “Ikik” Weimann to talk all about programming for Pantheon. He even takes some time to answer a number of player questions, like what was the coolest thing he programmed to have happen in the game or how the devs are tackling various AI behaviors and so forth.

There would appear to be a lot things to talk about, as the podcast is very nearly an hour in length, so if you’ve got the time to listen in, it’s embedded below.

Source: YouTube

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Can’t have an article without at least one comment.

I totally agree, pen and paper or whiteboard is so much more efficient than dealing with digital drawing tools. And adding.. actually whenever you want to be smarter about your code, move away from your monitor (because it makes you narrow minded), and draw it up on paper – then code it.

Whenever I hear Unity programmers talk, I always hope for a some recognition of Unity’s inherited by design problems, and some ways to work around it – But you smoothly avoided that question :D

Anyways, it was a nice goodnight listen.