Roblox celebrates 100 million monthly users with a special shoulder accessory

No, you don't get to be awful here.

We all know that Roblox is one of those games that no one seems to know anyone who’s actively playing even as it keeps making money and hitting milestones, right? Case in point, the game just announced that it has hit 100 million monthly users. That’s a lot of people. The announcement even includes some comparison and notes that the count makes it bigger than the three most populous cities (Tokyo, Shanghai, and Delhi) combined. A lot of people!

To celebrate, the developers are giving away a pile of gold to all players. Specifically, two piles of gold that can sit on your shoulders in ingot form. It’s rather silly, but then, this is not a game obsessed with a precise narrative coherency to a lore-based world, so that works just fine. Just make sure to claim the accessory before August 16th if you’d like to stride about wearing a sign of the game’s success on your shoulders.


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