RuneScape kicks off four weeks of skill-boosting bonuses with the Summer Escape


I make no secret of the fact that I dislike summer. Any season that makes me feel sweaty and gross simply for existing in warmer temperatures is not my idea of fun, and I tend to stay shut indoors most of the time. It seems like RuneScape agrees with this sentiment, and it’s enticing people to prepare for the winter months by staying indoors and snuggling up with the game via the Summer Escape event.

Every week starting today, August 5th, a number of Skills in RuneScape will be seeing several specific buffs. This week, until August 11th, all non-combat Skills are going to see boons like 10% chance at extra ore for Miners or Fishing spots moving around half as frequently as before. August 12th to the 18th will grant combat-minded players and Slayers buffs like the ability to loot from Mazcab Raids once per day. August 19th to the 25th offers buffs to Elite Dungeons and no XP loss on death and double Dungeoneering tokens to Dungeoneers. Finally, August 26th to September 1st will focus on the dinosaur island of Anachronia with buffs like 50% chance for an extra Hunter mark and 50% more XP in Herby Werby.

In addition to the themed weeks, every weekend will offer extra buffs like double Slayer points, an additional free re-roll of a Clue Scroll a day, and half boss instance cost. Timing and details of all of these buffs are found here.

In addition to the four-week Summer Escape, there’s been a patch to RuneScape that mostly addresses a variety of little issues in the Land out of Time, along with several combat-related matters and more.

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