The Daily Grind: Which MMO with housing do you wish had even better housing?


A weekend or two ago, I finally decided to get a house in Villagers & Heroes. I’ve been building it up in my mind for a really long time but wanted to make sure I had a big chunk of time to really dig into it. After all, a game wouldn’t be called Villagers & Heroes if it didn’t have a sweet housing system, right?

Well, I set myself up for disappointment. Getting a house was as simple as clicking an empty plot in a village with space and picking a few skins to dress it up, and then you can’t actually go into your house. It’s basically a second storage unit with an animal pen and garden attached. (The villages themselves are more the unit of play here, not the houses.)

I don’t mean to pick on V&H; it’s an indie title with gobs of content that I already think deserves either indie MMO of the year or sleeper title of 2019. But dang do I wish the housing itself had blown me away. I just wanted more, given some of the other sandboxes and even themeparks I’ve tooled around in over the years.

Which MMO with housing do you wish had even better housing?

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