The Repopulation checks in with an update on vehicles and mounts

The Repopulation checks in with an update on vehicles and mounts

It’s been a couple of months since we heard much from The Repopulation, but delays ensured that┬áthe most recent dev blog combines July and August together and details updates to the sandbox MMO’s vehicles and mounts.

In synopsis, the new terrain of the updated map has meant that the devs are thinking differently about what creatures are abound in the world of The Repopulation, while vehicles are seeing new models and an attachment system. Whether your mount is mechanical or bestial, you’ll have access to a system that lets you add or remove dynamic parts for upgrades. Certain creature mounts will also have a movement bonus if they’re in the terrain of a familiar area, while all mounts will have some limited inventory space. Mounts will also be subject to the same decay system that everything else in The Repopulation is subject to in the forms of durability, damage, and health.┬áThere’s more details to all of that than what can fit into a single paragraph, of course, so be sure to take a look at the blog for all the specifics.

MMORPG gamers will recall that The Repopulation was Kickstarted in 2012 by original developer Above & Beyond as a Star Wars Galaxies-inspired sci-fi sandbox, but by 2015, the studio had become entangled in a contract dispute and renegotiation with the then-reportedly-struggling Hero Engine company Idea Fabrik, a dispute that came with a lot of contradictory claims and resulted in the game being offline for over a year until Idea Fabrik took it over. IF has now owned the game for two and a half years; it remains in alpha development.

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