DDO starts testing permadeath server, LOTRO’s Stout Axe Dwarves will be included in fall expansion


With the debut of Dungeons and Dragons Online’s 90-day permadeath server heading our way on August 16th, it is fairly imperative that Standing Stone Games test out the shard before turning players loose on it for real. Ergo, the studio is running a three-day server preview that starts today and ends on Thursday.

So how will this server work, exactly? SSG clarified in an interview over at MMO Central: “When you die on the hardcore server, you’re done. What that means is that when your hit points drop into the negative enough… you can fall down, somebody can save you and heal you, but when you die, you are swept to the nether realm and that’s it. You can’t be raised, you can’t be resurrected, you can’t use self-rezzes, you can’t use the Jibbers blade, you can’t use a resurrection cake, you’re done […] You can create another character if you want.”

Those dead characters can be transferred to the live game after the hardcore server’s run is done, however, so your progress won’t be lost forever.

As for Lord of the Rings Online’s announcements, the studio said that race changes and the new Stout Axe Dwarves should be in place by this year’s Minas Morgul expansion. And yes, SSG will include the race as part of the base expansion price due to the fiasco caused by keeping High Elves separate from the base Mordor pack.

Source: Dungeons and Dragons Online, MMO Central. Thanks DDOcentral!

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Jack Pipsam

Dead characters being allowed to later transfer to the live game is actually a really clever solution. It’s the kind of thing that makes me, a total care-bare, be actually interested in giving this server a real shot.


It’s still not clear if there is a limit on how many times someone can create new characters for the event, and if all of these characters can be transferred to the live servers for free after the event. I suppose we will find out later today when the Hardcore League build is on Lamannia for testing.


This is kinda what Path of Exile does in their leagues. You get one shot to make it as far as you can but if you die, off the general live server.

I like it well enough.