Star Trek Online’s Arena of Sompek returns on August 8 with some major adjustments


Yes, your Star Trek Online character is going to face some combat trials in a deadly arena somewhere in space, but it’s a kinder, gentler arena. The Arena of Sompek is coming back this Thursday, August 8th, but this time it will have a variety of tweaks to make it a less arduous daily trial for players to complete.

The adjustments are sweeping indeed: The minimum level to enter the Arena has dropped from 50 to 10, the failure condition of having all players dead simultaneously has been removed, and there will no longer be a Timed and Untimed version of the Arena, replaced instead with a version that ends with Wave 7 upon initial arrival. The Arena will change to an “infinite” version upon subsequent visits, which operates similarly to the Untimed Arena and will have once more see your trial fail if all players die at the same time.

This Featured Task Force Operation is the last one that players can take part in to get their free Tier 6 ship, which is a pretty big deal considering T6 ships now level alongside you, so those chasing that carrot only have a little further to go to grab it.

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