Broke Protocol outlines work done to its backend and lays out rules for player-created content


The devs of the online city RPG Broke Protocol are very much hard at work on the game’s arrival to its 1.0 update, and most of that work is all about performance. In the latest update from the team, most of the details being shared are technical in nature, particularly in relation to the game’s backend, though it also does have some EULA things for those looking to mod or host servers.

When I say “technical,” I do mean it: Most of the devblog goes into some pretty specific terminology to explain what the devs have been working on, which in layman’s terms should ultimately lead to a more stable game with greater API access to in-game assets for modding purposes.

Speaking of modding, the devs also make sure to outline some ground rules for those who will be modding or hosting servers for Broke Protocol. In synopsis; No abusive monetization will be allowed, no exorbitant use of copyrighted material will be allowed, and no servers that are outright racist, sexist, or homophobic — all things that should be par for the course.

In the meantime, there’s another event due to start in-game in the form of an Area 51 raid event pitting SpecOps versus Militia. Details are still being ironed out for the event, but interested players are welcome to join the game’s Discord for more details.

sources: Steam, Twitter