Closers introduces Seth, a new melee character arriving on September 10


What happens when you combine a bright young woman with the power of a demon? Evidently, you get someone who can create massive clawed arms from thin air to shred enemies up. You also get the need to wear booty shorts. All of these traits are shared by Seth, the latest character arriving to the roster of Closers on Tuesday, September 10th.

There’s a bit more to Seth than that, of course, but the combination of demon and human is part of Seth’s backstory:

“Seth is what happens when a bright young girl named Anna becomes imbued with the ferocious primal power of the demon Sekhmet. She’s the final member of UNION’s Wildhüter team, and one terribly ferocious melee fighter.”

That ferocious melee fighting style is helped out with immense clawed hands that reportedly provide Seth with massive, swiping attacks and high levels of agility. Players of Closers can pre-build their own Seth on Tuesday, August 27th, at which point the devs are promising more details about the character. In the meantime, you can check out some crazy claw demonstration in the video below.

sources: press release, official site

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Did I read that right? One component of the character is 13, and the other is 17? They’re not even playing the “No, she’s legal age, it’s just anime” card this time? o.O Maybe I read the character bio wrong.


I had a friend named Seth, and he was a dude. o.O