Guild Wars 2 announces a new 2v2 PvP map and a fashion-minded art book from the Artist Collective


We’ve got a couple of Guild Wars 2-related news stories to share today: one about PvP and one about an art book full of character fashion. They’re kind of mutually exclusive, but then one could argue that PvP is a form of art or that you should look fashionable while on the battlefield. Though I suppose I’m spending too much thought on making these disparate things work and this lede is getting long anyway.

First, PvP: A new 2v2 map is arriving called Auric Span, which is an elimination map with the winner decided in a best of three battle. For extra spice, the map has a gameplay variant where healing and stealth will be disabled and area of effect damage will begin to slowly invade the map after two minutes. There are also new Mist Lord’s weapons, which is the name of the new weapons set as voted on by the players. Both of these features are due on Tuesday, August 13th. No word on a 2v2 queue, though.

Lastly, the art book: This year’s Artist Collective charity item is an art book with plenty of fashionable Tyrians to ogle, and its Indiegogo campaign is now live with proceeds of sales going to Extra Life. The book features over 100 pieces created by 82 different contributors, and there’s other merch like pins, prints and more. The book surpassed its funding goal in 15 hours, but there’s still stretch goal goodies like a hardcover edition to consider, and it’s for a good cause besides, so feel free to hit ’em with your wallet if you’re able.

For more Guild Wars 2, don’t forget our Flameseeker Chronicles column, which this week touches on the confounding items sold in the game’s cash shop like overly fancy chairs. Seriously, why are these a thing?

sources: official site (1, 2), Indiegogo
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