PlanetSide 2’s long-awaited PS4 performance patch is going live today


PlayStation 4 players of PlanetSide 2 have been very likely waiting a long time for today. The New Soldier update, otherwise known as the one that adds DX11 optimization, is finally about to go live after a bit of maintenance.

The New Soldier update provides the same features that PC players enjoyed in a similar update this past April, including the DirectX 11-powered performance upgrade and the Nanite Systems Operative mercenary faction. The update will also offer a 50% XP earning bonus to PlayStation Plus members that stacks with other XP boosts you may already have, and will introduce the Ant mining vehicle.

On the subject of mining, the Ant’s arrival doesn’t herald PlanetSide 2’s construction system arriving to the PS4 version yet, but the devs are planning to run some more public construction tests after this update in order to see if the construction system (or at least a suitable derivative) can be added. For now, you can get details about the New Soldier update here.

With all of this PlanetSide 2 stuff fluttering around, one could perhaps be forgiven for forgetting about PlanetSide Arena, which was shoveled off to a delayed release some time this summer — an announcement that was made back in February. It is now summer and there’s still no news, so your guess is as good as ours.


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