The Elder Scrolls Online brings back the Orsinium Celebration on August 8

Sans daunts.

It’s been too long since you’ve been back to Orsinium in The Elder Scrolls Online. Or perhaps you’re in Orsinium now and you’d like to have some extra rewards for being there. Either way, you can be happy that the Orsinium Celebration is returning to the game once again on August 8th through August 19th, giving you a chance to earn some event tickets just by taking part in Orsinium content. Double crafting rewards, doubled the rewards for completing daily quests in the region, double the rewards from the Maelstrom Arena, and a new set of weapon skins from the Arena! That last one isn’t doubled, but you get the idea.

Players can also earn up to two Event Tickets per day via taking on world bosses or clearing Delves in the region. There’s also a steep discount on the DLC, the collector’s edition of same, and the local housing style, so you’ve got ample opportunity to orc to your heart’s content while the event is running. Orcing time, if you will.


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The seasonal schedule cadence, the frequent zone an faction bonuses, the rapid cash store item turnover and discounts. ArenaNet, take notes on how to make money and keep people engaged.


One indrik feather to rule them all. And then 3 more for some reason.

They used to allow everyone to play these events and get the feathers, but the last one you needed to own the dlc. One more way to tighten the thumbscrews.

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According to official site you linked, event starts tomorrow not the 9th:

The Orsinium Celebration Event will kick off from Thursday, August 8, at 10:00AM EDT and run until Monday, August 19, at 10:00AM EDT.