Darkfall: Rise of Agon doubles Tasks in the game with its latest patch


It’s good to stay busy, especially in MMORPGs. How often have we fallen in to a slow-blinking stupor after plowing through our dailies and weeklies wondering what to do until the reset? Darkfall: Rise of Agon is making sure its players stay occupied with a recent patch that adds over 80 new Tasks — more than double what was in the game previously.

The new Tasks added to Darkfall are apparently evenly split between high-end Tasks and quick and easy Tasks meant for new players. These beginner-level Tasks should also provide some nice bundles of gold, Meditation, and items for your bank. There are also some new mining Tasks to find rare ores and crystals, and a number of Tasks have titles players can earn.

The update also brings some adjustments to Champion weapons: The base damage for these items has been raised, though to compensate for this increased DPS output they’re also going to become harder to see drop, with drop rates reduced by half. The patch has a number of bug fixes included as well; all of the details are in the notes.


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I watched a footage of this game, also tried to play it myself. The graphics are not an issue, they look old and I like them, but the gameplay feels very clunky and boring.

Doctor Sweers

I had some pretty fun times in this one. It’s not a game for the solo player so if you have even a small band of players, pvp is a lot of fun…despite full loot. I do agree with you…swinging a sword in this game looks more like swinging a tree at someone. ;)


The combat is what ticks me off the most. If only they could implement a simple tab targeting combat and remove the action combat, the game will feel a lot more fluid.

To this day I believe that tab targeting is perfect for MMOs and Action Combat is perfect for single player RPGs.


Darkfall is a true shooter in a fantasy setting and probably has the highest skill ceiling of any PvP game I’ve ever played.


lol what?? You seem extremely out of place and ignorant in this comment. You think MMO’s should only be tab-target? Also it’s obvious you only fought against PvE bots if you think the combat feels clunky… It’s designed for intense FPS pvp the pve is trash. Sounds like you are just a PvE casual scrub so maybe you should stick to fighting bots in WoW kid.


Don’t whine on me, fanboy. xD

And yeah, on August 27th I will be playing Classic WoW on the EU PvP server Shazzrah, a real MMORPG, probably the best that ever existed, you can be my guest and suck up your tears in your niche “hardcore” MMO that has like 100 players at peak hours and will probably shut down in a year or so due to lack of interest from players.