Elder Scrolls Online’s Elsweyr soundtrack and dragon dungeon walkthrough


Just how exceedingly foolish — or monumentally brave — do you have to be to willingly venture into the lair of a fussy dragon? One has to wonder, as the player masses are streaming into Elder Scrolls Online’s latest dungeon, the Lair of Maarselok, this week.

So what awaits you inside this upjumped lizard’s pad? ZeniMax has a detailed walkthrough of the experience (and rewards) to tempt you inside, and it doesn’t sound as though this is a normal ride. “Visually we wanted to represent the corruption within the dungeon as otherworldly and unnatural,” said the studio. “As players progress through the dungeon, they will see more and more of the corrupting influences throughout, and it lends an alien feel to the environments.”

Speaking of the Elsweyr expansion cycle, the official digital soundtrack is available from several retailers. The nine-track album aimed to deliver a “distinctly Khajiiti sound” for players to enjoy.


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The soundtrack is beyond any doubt the best on the market.