EverQuest II is launching a new fabled zone in August’s GU111


EverQuest II would surely like you to stop fretting about the future of the franchise and focus on the immediate future of the game, thanks very much: Last night Daybreak announced a new fabled zone coming in game update 111. Fabled zones, you’ll recall, are subscription-only throwback zones.

“Carnage in Kael is dropping on August 27 and with it a new Fabled Zone, new mount levels, and it’s almost time for Days of Summer! Storm your way into Fabled Kael Drakkel from the Prophecy Portal Gallery of Myrist, the Great Library, and go toe to giant toe with the Kromzek! Increase your mount to level 20, unlocking three barding slots as well as three all new mount gear slots and gear found exclusively in Kael Drakkel! It appears that Yun Zi is back at his antics again! Find out what that rascally Hua Mein is up to this time in the latest episode of Days of our Summer!”

It all begins on August 27th. Our own EverQuesting column took the pulse of the game just a month ago and streamed it too for those who want to see how this 2004 MMORPG fares 15 years later.


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Castagere Shaikura

I wonder how many people still sub. for this game now.

Bruno Brito

Really? Because both in forums and reddit, what i hear is that the TL servers are easy, raiding dies within a week, etc etc.