Fallout 76’s next patch adds display cases, capitol changes, and balance tweaks


So what’s next on the agenda for Fallout 76? Display cases. Yes, that’s one of the big elements of this month’s upcoming patch, the option to put your various trophies and equipment on display for all the world to see. Cases are crafted and give you an easy option to choose what you’re displaying from a list of items in your character’s stashed items, so you can let the world know about any cool tchotchkes you happen to have in your inventory.

The patch is also bringing some balance tweaks for unwanted or overpowered weaponry in the Nuclear Winter version as well as relatively major changes to both the layout and tuning of the capitol building. Players will also have a personal cap increase to 30,000 caps, and interactive items like beds will now require a longer period of holding down a button so that you’re less likely to accidentally use them while doing something else. There’s still more in the patch, but the quality of life improvements alone should hopefully delight players.

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James Farmer

I will be delighted if/when I can store my stuff , I have not got to use fast travel yet!!!

Why?? Because I have to keep all my stuff on me …..as I can only store 1000 pounds ??? That’s crazy!!!

Either get rid of any weight limit or at least let us store as much as we want in our camp….

If you must have a limit then I feel the camp should hold 10000lbs …

Or at least let one fast travel if they have under 1000 lbs ….

And please PLEASE!! Get read of the flying scortch beast!!!

It’s nearly imposable to kill …..

Kickstarter Donor

I’ll be delighted when they release the patch to fix the patch.