No Man’s Sky Beyond gets a full launch trailer showing off its multiplayer environment


There’s a lot of multiplayer support going on in No Man’s Sky Beyond, the game’s update arriving on August 14th. The latest trailer for the update just below is all about that multiplayer, and it looks at once very familiar to anyone who’s played an MMO (lots of people doing their own thing while other players are occupied with their own goals) and amazing to see play out within this particular game. It looks really good, that’s the point.

Astute viewers will also notice players riding on creatures, more of the game’s elaborate base structures, and what may very well be a social lounge at a few points of the trailer. There’s still a lot left to be discovered about the update when it actually goes live next week, by design, but players can check out the trailer and get excited about how the empty spaces will feel when populated by people.

Source: Official Site; thanks to Babagra.PL for the tip!
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