No Man’s Sky Beyond gets a full launch trailer showing off its multiplayer environment


There’s a lot of multiplayer support going on in No Man’s Sky Beyond, the game’s update arriving on August 14th. The latest trailer for the update just below is all about that multiplayer, and it looks at once very familiar to anyone who’s played an MMO (lots of people doing their own thing while other players are occupied with their own goals) and amazing to see play out within this particular game. It looks really good, that’s the point.

Astute viewers will also notice players riding on creatures, more of the game’s elaborate base structures, and what may very well be a social lounge at a few points of the trailer. There’s still a lot left to be discovered about the update when it actually goes live next week, by design, but players can check out the trailer and get excited about how the empty spaces will feel when populated by people.

Source: Official Site; thanks to Babagra.PL for the tip!

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Mia DeSanzo

I hope there are pets and mounts. It would be nice to do something with the animals beyond feeding and shooting them. I love the game, but that would rock my socks.

Jon Wax

War? Or more romper room?

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This is just amazing! I can’t wait to play this update. I’ve been in the game on and off over the last few years, but this update may make NMS one of my regular hang outs. After such a bad start, it’s a testament to what passion can do if allowed to flourish.


I got it cheap on PS4 the other week. I’d purposely avoided it before now because of the history, but based on what I’ve played so far (about 15 hours)…WOW!

Blown away, haven’t enjoyed a game this much since Subnautica. It keeps exceeding my expectations about what’s possible in the game.


The only reason I’m not playing it right now is because I want to start anew with the Beyond update. The game impressively changed from a dumpster fire into something truly worthwhile.

Barnoc N'Draak

I’ve been increasingly tempted to grab it on sale. I might actually bite at this point.

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Tobasco da Gama

It’s currently on sale at 50% off on most platforms. If you’re on board with what it is (a procedural sandbox with some very light narrative elements), it’s totally worth the $30 as-is.


Almost looks like they’re going full MMO with it, which would be interesting. I just got back into the game after not really playing since launch and it’s been a good time. Being able to encounter large groups of players and their buildings would definitely add to the experience.


Still don’t understand exactly what is going into this.

VR, animal riding (taming, breeding?), a new space station of some kind and… ?

I’m hesitant to jump to any conclusions at this point as I don’t want to end up disappointed because the game has been great fun since the NEXT update.


Seems like the update is bringing a much greater level of persistency and possibly MMO-like group activities across the board. Time will tell – not long to wait!