Project Torque’s resurrection crowdfunding meets its goal with two days left


You all should be thanking me. I was going to make this headline say that Project Torque had crossed the finish line. But I didn’t. Because I want to be better than that for you. Trust me, though, it took a lot of willpower not to reach for that low-hanging fruit. This isn’t about me, though; this is about the online racer making it to its crowdfunding goal.

Here’s some backstory: Project Torque was online from 2006 to 2014 before it went dark. Fans of the game, however, were not about to let the game go and confirmed plans to bring it back with the blessing of developer Invictus back in June. A crowdfunding drive to raise $10k was started in order to cover the costs of putting together a working build of the game and to settle legal contracts between the fan devs and Invictus. Today, that crowdfunding drive has hit its mark with a little extra change.

According to the crowdfunding rundown on the official site, Project Torque will launch on Steam and Discord, avoiding the Epic Games Store entirely, which will bring some folks no end of joy for some extremely odd reason. The devs also promise that 80% of the cars in-game will be earned by spending in-game currency. Buyable vehicles will cost at “absolute max” around $12 USD, with the vast majority of cars costing about $3 to $6 USD.

source: official site, thanks to Dean for the tip!
The devs tell us they won’t need the full 60-day campaign and will be bringing the crowdfund to an end today (August 12th) now that it’s been successful!
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Édouard-Anthony Drapeau

I don’t think the below comment is fair toward their decision whit the epic store, i think that it is obvious that it had been requested by the community and that the dev’s are listening to them, and i mean, after having a publishing deal whit Invictus, nothing could had stopped them to be on the EGS for a lower sale cut but they dindn’t, looks like to me that they want the game to be seen as much as possible everywhere for a greater visibility.

Rodrigo Dias Costa

If they did voluntarily choose to skip EGS, me as a consumer wouldn’t support them. I do believe they didn’t choose it, just was only never an option since the EGS collection is highly curated right now.

The Weeb formerly known as Sray
The Weeb formerly known as Sray

The Epic Games comment on their page is a bit like advertising that it will be gluten free: is was never a realistic possibility to begin with. Everyone presently on EGS is there by invite, and the odds that a crowdfunded community revival of a defunct game getting an invite are practically nonexistent. It’s pandering to a vocal minority whose actions are counterproductive; and they’re actually pushing most developers away from communicating at all, and many toward EGS exclusivity solely to answer that crowd’s belligerence with more of the same.

That aside, I’m glad that fans of this game will get to play it again. At least until the 15 year old game fails to attract a big enough audience to keep it running.