Red Dead Online adds bonuses to missions, GTA Online gives away freebies for its Diamond Casino launch


The online multiplayer games of Rockstar have some things going on, so we’ll go ahead and bundle both Grand Theft Auto Online and Red Dead Online together into one post. After all, they’re kind of the same game at the brass tacks level. Sort of. I mean, one is wearing a cowboy hat.

In Red Dead Online, players who complete any Land of Opportunities mission for Jessica LeClerk and Horley will receive 30% more RDO$ and XP over the next couple of weeks. The update also brings discounts for certain weapons and once again offers some pretty outfits returning to the Wheeler, Rawson and Co. Catalogue.

Speaking of pretty outfits, GTA Online players can score themselves a free Ash Diamond hoodie, some Diamond Casino wall art, and a cool 250,000 GTA$ if they participated in the grand opening of the Diamond Casino between July 23rd and August 3rd. The cosmetic goodies can be claimed from the Casino Store, while the game cash will be delivered to characters by August 11th.

source: Rockstar Games website (1, 2)

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PC or gtfo.


They really are a legit casino if they’re giving away freebies. Where’s the drinks?