The Enclave Interstellar Initiative wraps up in Elite: Dangerous


The latest Elite: Dangerous Interstellar Initiative, which are those strings of in-game events that end up with some sort of promised galaxy-affecting change, has seen its conclusion. The events of The Enclave have offered up what sounds like a number of new features and services for those who are heading to the Witch Head Sector.

Specifically, a new Engineer by the name of Chloe Sedesi will be located at Cinder Port in the Witch Head Sector, offering upgrades to Frame Shift Drives and Thrusters. Like other Engineers, Chloe’s abilities to engineer modules will increase the more Commanders employ her services. Players will also be able to take advantage of a Tech Broker and a Material Trader in Bray Landing and Ratchet Hub.

It also sounds like more Initiatives of this sort will be forthcoming, according to the opening line in the roundup of events:

“In light of the outstanding efforts from all the commanders who contributed to this endeavor, the Superpowers will begin to colonise more systems in the region over the next few weeks.”