Final Fantasy XI’s newest login campaign offers three special limited items

We have eggs! Eggs you smashed. Jerks.

Do you need to ride on a turtle in Final Fantasy XI? Do you need to place a fake treasure chest in your home? Do you need a weird-looking lance? If you answered in the affirmative to all three, this month’s login campaign is made specifically for your needs. We’re not going to ask what those needs are, exactly; we assume it’s like those cartoon plans wherein someone needs four or five wholly unrelated items for some elaborate scheme that never makes much sense.

Players can trade in 500 login points for Sha Wujing’s Lance, the Adamantoise mount, or the Crimson Chest decoration; you can also buy all three, as well as a selection of other items as is standard. Check the full rundown of what can be bought on the official page, and start logging in daily on August 13th to get the full allotment of points (with 500 awarded for the first login and 100 for each subsequent login). And if you need to pick up some expansions or similar to get back into the game, it’s helpful to point out that the game is on a steep discount at the moment.

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