Secret World Legends and Trove offer compensation to players for recent bungles

Some Trove PS4 players have been locked out for over a week

If this went away, I would be pissed.

For those of us who weathered the early days of MMOs when downtime and rollbacks were a daily occurrence, the idea of compensation might still seem a bit foreign, but that won’t make us any less ungrateful. In fact, this week we saw two MMOs dish out compensation for game issues.

Over in Secret World Legends, “authentication and connectivity issues” kept some folks out of the game for part of the day, but Funcom is granting cache keys to all players.

In Trove, an outage for both North American and European players on PS4 early this month is apparently being worked on, though not before causing players to miss out on events and even in some cases lose their growing gardens over the course of more than a week of being unable to log in. “We have resolved several issues for many players connecting to PS4 NA and PS4 EU, but those still unable to login we are working on a fix,” Gamigo wrote. “After it has been fully resolved we plan on sending out a compensation to players for connection issues this past weekend. More details to come, thanks all for your patience!”

Source: SWL, Trove

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DargorV .

I never understood that mentality. You pay for 30/31 days of service, of course you should be compensated if they can’t provide what customers paid for, in advance might I add.

Same as if you order a large pizza and it arrives with 2 slices missing or a car with no backseats