Sea of Thieves talks Arena Mode, matchmaking, and player conduct


We’ve got a pair of Sea of Thieves videos floating about in the internet waters that we’ve fished out, filleted, and battered and fried with a side of thick chips. Can you tell I’m hungry right now?

The first video was all about the Arena and updates planned to the game mode in both the near and long term. In the next couple of updates or so, players can expect some manner of XP-based matchmaking in order to create better and more populated matches as well as a penalty for quitting. Long-term, expect more ship types, some manner of getting additional Silver to try to keep matches close, and less lag.

The second video has executive producer Joe Neate once more discussing the game’s code of conduct, paying some lip service to what is and is not accepted within the community of Sea of Thieves. It basically boils down to “don’t be a harassing jerkbiscuit, either in-game or out,” but there’s just a tiny bit more to it than that. But not much.

sources: YouTube (1, 2)

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Shadex De'Marr

Has someone broke the news to this guy that he isn’t actually working on Pirates101.

Sorry that video was so out of touch with reality I was honestly expecting him to finish it with “Brought to you by Carls Jr.”


Have they really announced any big new things coming to the game yet? Seems like ever since the Anniversary update their whole stream of content has slowed down significantly.