ChinaJoy 2019: Dragon Nest 2 is a mobile sequel that’s not World of Dragon Nest, apparently


Having multiple mobile games based on the same IP can be a bit confusing, so let’s get this out of the way from the jump: Dragon Nest 2 is not World of Dragon Nest, which is a game we touched on in one of our Games You Never Heard Of pieces. For one, Dragon Nest 2 is more like a traditional MMORPG in that you enter a large open world to join others to fight bosses, find treasure, and even uncover secret quests, while World of Dragon Nest was more about smaller team battles.

Interview questions from ChinaJoy provided some more details about this new mobile game. Players can look forward to 30-player dungeons, PvP modes including 4v4, 12v12, GvG, and open-world PvP, and seven different classes to choose from once the game launches. The team is also promising that the game’s cash shop won’t be extortionist, claiming that the devs have been working with the higher-ups to push for fair monetization practices.

All this said, this mobile MMORPG is geared for and being offered to the Chinese market, so it’s hard to say whether this will make its way to the West. Chances don’t look particularly good, seeing as the game was handed over to Eyedentity Games in September 2016 with hardly a major peep since other than its sunset in the EU. Still, you can see some footage of the game in action from the ChinaJoy show floor in the video below.

source: MMO Culture

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Bhagpuss Bhagpuss

The original Dragon Nest was a really good MMO. Still is, if you can play it, which I no longer can here in the UK thanks to Eyedentity. World of Dragon Nest, which I can play, is also good, though not as good as the original.

Here’s hoping Dragon Nest 2 gets a western release. It’s a quality IP and a lot of fun.