EVE Online is on track to set a new world record for largest video game battle

Capital city.

Truly large-scale battles don’t come about by sheer accident; they take a lot of planning and coordination to make happen — especially if you want to set a(nother) world record for glorious carnage. When August 18th arrives, the gaming world will be peering into EVE Online to see if the community could do what it has yet to accomplish by flinging over 10,000 player-controlled ships into a single fight.

The good news is that Aether Wars 2 is on track to do just this, as CCP reported that it already has 10K in sign-ups — and counting. The world record in question is the largest single video game battle in history. EVE currently already holds the record for the “most concurrent players simultaneously involved in a single multiplayer PvP videogame battle.”

Before that happens, EVE Online is going to push out a big patch on August 13th (tomorrow) with a few useful quality-of-life features. “The August release brings a rework of the system for enforced peace periods, as well as the end of the transition period for non-mutual wars that do not have a war HQ,” the team posted. “In addition to this, the release of the Community Fittings system is here, with a small selection of new player ship fittings submitted by the EVE community and curated by the wonderful members of the ISD Team.”

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