World of Warships: Legends sails out of early access and in to full release today


Back in April, we told you about the game World of Warships: Legends and its arrival to early access. This particular game is a completely new entry in the World of Warships franchise built from the ground up with console players in mind. Today, early access is over and the game is now officially launched on PS4 and Xbox One, complete with a new content update.

The launch content for World of Warships: Legends features a campaign for players to earn the battleship Tirpitz. From August 12th to September 15th, players are tasked with climbing 100 levels by completing challenges and weekly missions, earning other goodies along the way. At the end of it all, players will get their hands on the powerful Tier VII Tirpitz battleship, the so-called crown jewel of the game’s campaign and a formidable boat among the German battleships.

Speaking of German battleships, this class of boat will be in early access with the World of Warships: Legends launch update. These ships are described as powerful at up-close brawler ranges, but see their effectiveness decrease as the range decreases. The launch update will also feature German destroyers like the V-170 and the Z-23.

More information about World of Warships: Legends can be found on the game’s website.

source: press release