Guild Wars 2 players organize a raiding tourney for August 24

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Seeing player-run tourneys in Guild Wars 2 isn’t exactly unusual, but this one is something a fair bit different. On August 24th, six guilds will compete with teams of nine members each, but not to see who’s the best in terms of PvP. No, this is a raiding tournament, the Elitist Raiding Party 3 tournament, with each team being challenged to clear each raid with just nine team members, no downed state, and all challenge modes active. And to the winners go the spoils!

Oh, did we not mention the spoils? Yes, the prize pool includes more than $2700, 150,000 gold, and 30,000 gems, so the teams competing will be getting a fair bit for the challenge being undertaken. You can check out a trailer for the event just below, or you can plan to view it live when it goes live in around two weeks if you’d like to see who turns out to be the best raiding team in the scene.

Source: Reddit, press release. Thanks, Alex!

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