Guild Wars 2 tweaks skills and Fractals while adding in a 2v2 map

Just play along.

It’s two teams of two facing off in the latest addition to Guild Wars 2 via patch: The latest update adds a 2v2 map for players to experience, complete with damaging zones spawning throughout the map to limit the playable arena space over time. It’s going to force you and your partner into some close matches as you pursue the Mist Lord’s weapon set also added with the patch.

Those of you not into PvP will still have stuff to do, of course; there’s a number of adjustments being made to various Fractal maps, along with updates for the skills of Elementalists, Rangers, Thieves, and Mesmers. Check out the full patch notes for the details on what’s been changed, and if you want to get a little bit of extra information that shows a peek behind the curtain, you can slip into the dark side with the patch datamining that’s already available with hints of future content. It’s like forbidden knowledge.

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Bruno Brito