Guild Wars 2’s seventh anniversary gifts are being wrapped for you


What’s the oldest character you have on Guild Wars 2? That’s a more pertinent question than in other MMORPGs, as elderly characters benefit from birthday gifts that get better the older they get. And now that the game’s seventh anniversary is approaching on August 28th, there’s another batch of goodies coming for those toons that were rolled back in 2012.

The seventh anniversary gifts will start rolling out to players on August 25th and include a “victory rock” novelty chair (what’s the point of chairs in this game, exactly?), the “Victorious” title, an armor skin pack, a weapon skin pack, an exclusive backpack, and a random guaranteed wardrobe unlock.

Oh wait, that was just for your account! Individual characters have another batch of goodies such as a 5,000 karma birthday card, an exclusive dye, two Black Lion statuettes, two birthday boosters, and five teleport to friend tokens.

So if Guild Wars 2 is getting you all that, what are you getting the MMO in return?

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Castagere Shaikura

Is there a way to figure out your characters age? I swear I got the game at launch but not sure how far from it.


There is a chat command. I believe it is /age.


Yes, it is /age.


Waiting to see these ‘exclusive’ skins but would be disappointed if it’s just the same set they’ve been giving us the past few years. I want to be a GW2 fan but it’s hard to find optimism when FFXIV and ESO are putting out more frequent and more compelling content.


Probably be more Luminous weapons and some shitty Outfit you can’t create your own look with.

Frank White

Most of the weapon skins are horrible, in my opinion. Not to mention impractical. Can you imagine really trying to actually cut or pierce anything with most of the swords in the game, for example? Maybe bludgeon….

Bruno Brito

Not just that, but since you have the split on weaponskills, your toon mostly has to use a specific skillset to be effective, and that completely breaks the character concept.

For instance, i wanted my Guardian to be a more clerical concept, with focus and mace, maybe a shield sometimes. Weaponswap is already a problem for me, immersionwise ( pulling a staff outta your ass doesn’t sound immersive ), but when your weapons aren’t balanced in a good manner, you end up having to use something else.

Guardian’s sword is a great mobility/damage tool, so playing with Mace outside PvE is asking for trouble except in really specific niches.