Black Desert: Xbox One opens Kamasylvia and PS4 beta ends as PC players ‘burn the night away’

It’s patch day over in the many formats of Black Desert. Let’s start with the PC side, where gamers are still frolicking amidst summer events. Burn the Night Away is the newest of these; it’ll grant players gift boxes according to how much time they’re logged in. The box, naturally, has a whole bingo card of possible rewards, everything from cash and elixirs to jewelry and weapon boxes.

“Continue Bartali’s amazing story with the new addition of chapters 11 – 15 and earn special rewards upon completing them! Also, there is a rumor among fishers that there is yet another type of shiny fish where the Golden Trout was spotted last week. Earn 5,000,000 silver after fishing up the Golden Coelacanth! Last but not least, the new event Burn the Night Away will start after maintenance. Play every day, accumulate playtime and earn amazing rewards!”

Meanwhile, over on the Xbox One side of the game, the gates to Kamasylvia have been thrown wide open with a stack of events for Xbone players to participate in.

And of course, on the PS4 side, the beta came to a close on Monday, and now players have just a week to wait until the official launch. Whee!

Stay tuned for our regular Black Desert column, Desert Oasis, coming this afternoon!