Diablo III is going to do more themed seasons and more short test sessions moving forward

Sure. That sounds right.

If you weren’t a fan of Diablo III going the themed season route with its last update, we’re sorry to inform you that you will probably continue not being a fan of further developments. A statement from the development team has confirmed that the Season 16 brought as many players back to the season as arrived with the Necromancer update, which means that it’d be downright silly not to continue along that particular line of development. Similarly, the shorter testing period on the test server contributed to better feedback with the patch notes available in advance.

In other words? Yes, all of this will be standard operating procedure moving forward, along with new item sets for the various classes and new powers and tweaks to same. The team also is planning to provide more transparency for players about what’s being worked on, so look forward to more understanding of how the game’s development is proceeding and presumably why.

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