Former Riot devs form well-funded Singularity 6 to build a ‘virtual society’ MMO


MMOs are dead, huh? No less than the likes of ex-Riot Games devs say not so fast. New(ish) studio Singularity 6 – led by devs with a Riot Games pedigree – announced yesterday that they’ve received major investment to make their dream of creating what sure sounds like an MMO a reality.

“Anthony and I both spent many of our formative years as gamers lost in massively multiplayer online (MMO) worlds like Ultima Online and World of Warcraft. At least, that is often how we were perceived. When in fact, we were never lost, never isolated, never in those moments an example of the anti-social stereotype gamers are frequently made out to be. The truth is, in those moments, we were connected. Connected to a vast network of gamers and part of real, vibrant communities where we felt like we could truly be ourselves. Where we felt like we belonged. During those times we developed relationships with people we’d never meet, yet many of those relationships would stand the test of time. That is the power of games.”

While the official site doesn’t have any hard details about the game, the studio told Variety that it’ll be a “community-simulation environment that emphasizes multiplayer and virtual community building in a ‘stylized, high-fantasy world,'” influenced by the likes of Stardew Valley and Breath of the Wild. One to keep an eye on.

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