Perfect World Mobile reveals its lineup of launch races and their associated classes

Everyone hates options.

Did you forget about Perfect World Mobile? Because it’s still coming for us, and the mobile version has just revealed its lineup of races and classes. Or, more accurately, its lineup of races and the vanishingly small list of options each individual race gets because if there’s one thing players hate, it’s being able to choose from multiple classes like some kind of sucker.

The three races available are Humans (who can choose between Blademaster and Wizard), Winged Elves (which must be spoken as “win-ged elves” and can choose between Archer or Cleric), and the Untamed (Tony the Tiger got even more swole and he can only be a Barbarian). While it has taken a little longer to come out than planned (it’s currently due out “soon” but was originally planned for 2018), the fact that you can now plan out what you want to be within the game serves as a hopeful sign that we’re close to release here in the west.

Source: MMO Culture

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I’ve just very recently got into mobile MMOs. They lack depth, and turning off autoplay is a hassle. But quality & production value are getting so much better, and they’re good to play in commute and even at work sometimes.

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Sure, why not. I don’t want to be negative but this will probably be another in the long line of autoplay MMO’s I “play” for a few weeks before losing interest in, but I’ll still give it a shot. One of these days one of them is bound to “click” with me!


Play for few weeks? I get bored with those in less than an hour. They just feel so empty and souless. I honestly don’t understand the appeal of mobile MMOs.


I really like the gacha waifu collector RPG’s.. they are flashy and pretty.. i never give them any money and just play for the artwork lol… but i dont like the mmorpg’s on phones.. at least on my gachas, im rewarded with cute anime girls?