Sea of Thieves drops Dark Relics update, preps Gamescom showing

dem bones

Every other day this month can belong to WoW Classic, but today? Today is Sea of Thieves’ day and everyone else can step off. Go away, WoW Classic posts I see skulking down below! You don’t even have sailable ships!

Rare has come out with flintlocks blazing today, thanks to a double shot of a new update and developer diary. The Dark Relics patch starts with a harpoon on a rowboat (for hunting very, very small whales) and gets wilder from there. A hunt is on for stolen dark relics across three regions of the world, squirreled away by skeletons for their nefarious rituals. Ship cosmetics, gold, reputation, and more are welcome booty for these excursions.

The patch also improved hit detection, added more goodies to the Barrels of Plenty, threw in more puzzle locations, and made adjustments to arena matchmaking.

Rare also pumped out a new weekly video to talk about the patch and its plans for Gamescom:

Source: Patch notes

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