WildStar composer Jeff Kurtenacker’s second Q&A talks unfinished music, the end of OST sales, and NCsoft

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The always generous and lovely Jeff Kurtenacker, composer of WildStar’s outstanding score, has uploaded the second episode of his JK Q&A series of videos where he takes questions from fans about the MMO’s soundtrack and answers them on-camera.

In this episode, Kurtenacker provided more insights with questions about various matters related to the OST, including his inspirations, what songs he wishes he had been able to compose for unreleased content, which song was his least favorite or most difficult to create, and also plays some music from David Gilbreath, one of the game’s sound designers.

He also gave us the skinny on just what happened with the abrupt end of soundtrack sales. In synopsis: The record company that had a contractual agreement from NCsoft to distribute the soundtrack, Something Else Music, went out of business earlier this year. Something Else Music attempted to reach out to NCsoft with an offer to set up a new contract with a new company, but that offer, according to Kuretenacker, was simply rejected by NCsoft for whatever reason.

“Not much I can say to that. Yes, it’s frustrating and it’s sad, and I wish we could’ve just kept it somewhere safe, but the world is an imperfect place. Screws fall out all the time.”

Kurtenacker also announces in the video that he plans to set up some giveaways for some unique WildStar-themed schwag like glassware and even autographed scores(!). Details on how that will work aren’t ironed out yet, but he promises that those who stick with him and the video series will get that information soon.

The video is just as illuminating as the first episode was. You can get the full video below.

source: YouTube
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