Albion Online removes tons of items from its marketplace in advance of its wardrobe system


The latest patch for Albion Online is a bit frustrating in the sense that most patches add things. Today’s patch is mostly taking things away, with a large selection of items getting removed from the game’s marketplace. The reasons for this are pretty straightforward, though: The developers are adding in a wardrobe feature, building on the existing set of customizations for mounts and character skins, and so sales have been disabled so that players can’t buy and resell for massive profits without the original seller having a chance to react.

Fortunately, today’s patch does contain a little bit more, chiefly moving the castle scoring timer forward by one hour. There’s also an array of bug fixes, minor balance tweaks, and small quality-of-life adjustments. But the biggest change for this particular patch is a whole lot of removals, although you can still directly trade the items to other players. And hey, wardrobe system, that’s a good thing.


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Still one of my favs. The mega server one world feel makes it feel like one large ever dangerous world. The wardrobe system should do well to help it feel more diverse!