Lord of the Rings Online opens the doors to a Dwarven dungeon


Oh, you doofy Dwarves, will you never stop digging too deep? How many world-ending monsters do you have to dredge up in your quest for shiny rocks? Guess we’re in for at least one more, as Lord of the Rings Online has cracked open the doors to a dwarven fortress that is in a slight bit of disrepair.

Thanks to Patch 24.2.1, The Depths of Kidzul-kâlah has opened for business. The highlights of this dungeon, according to SSG, include “a flooded dwarf fortress, a mysterious Maid, [and] a darkness in the depths. Do you have what it takes to defeat the monster within the mines?”

No? Maybe? We’re still eating second breakfast here. The dungeon is available in a variety of modes, from single- to six-player with a range of difficulty tiers. Players who complete a related dungeon deed by September 12th will earn a “Leading the Charge” title to mark the occasion.


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Dug From The Earth

Are the hallways all square to fit the shape of the dwarf beards?

Matthew Yetter

I’m sure some people will squawk but it’s nice that they’ve made the dungeon viable to solo for those that are antisocial or (like me) unable to team up reliably.