No Man’s Sky promises updates to move Beyond bugs


With virtual reality and much larger multiplayer functionality than before, No Man’s Sky Beyond should be the toast of the town right now. And it very well might be, provided that Hello Games can lock down some of the nastier issues that are plaguing it this week.

Both the console and PC versions of Beyond have seen numerous crashes and other performance problems since the update’s release. Bugs such as not being able to access one’s save file, getting blue screens, and becoming stuck between doors are popping up all over the place. Players also are reporting that the game is operating sluggishly at times.

The studio said that it’s on it: “Already today we have brought together a build for some of our statistically more important issues on XBox and PS4. Similarly on PC we expect to get changes to experimental on PC very soon after release.” Hello Games suggested that PC users access Steam’s experimental (test server) branch to see if the changes help.


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