Players can now compete in Crowfall’s Trial of Gaea for a stat-buffing Badge


The common refrain/hashtag espoused by Crowfall is “take the throne,” which sort of references the fact that campaigns have a limited time and see a faction hoisted up as the winner. That said, there are also Trials of the Gods, a series of limited-time events that celebrate one of the gods in the game’s pantheon and offer a unique reward. For the next few weeks, it’s all about Gaea the Earth Mother.

To participate in the Trial of Gaea, you must be at least level 20. Otherwise, there are no restrictions for joining in the fight. Just what are you fighting for, exactly? A Badge that will grant you +5 Harvesting Efficiency, which means your character will burn less Stamina when harvesting resource nodes — a boon which will likely be very alluring to the crafting-minded Crowfall player. Better yet, Badges are refreshed when worlds are reset, they cannot be looted, and they don’t decay, though they are also subject to import/export rules, so you should take care to not bring it with you to a campaign that won’t let you export the item out.

There are two Badges up for grabs: a Gold Badge, which is granted to the top players on the leaderboards of each of the three factions based on Crafting and Capture scores, and a Silver Badge, offered to all other players who make it to the leaderboard during the Trial. In order to at least get on said leaderboard, you must kill or be killed by another player or create crafted items during the Trial that have a Sacrifice value.

The Trial of Gaea will run from now until Tuesday, September 3rd.


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I just want this and CU to come out already so I have something worthwhile to check out..


Ahh the game what says it’s till in ‘pre-alpha testing’ after 4 years and almost 2 mil from kick starter alone.


To be fair most MMOs take at least 5 years of development, and a hell of a lot more money than just $2m.


when most of the developers makes you think that, yeah… it does

Raimo Kangasniemi

7-8 years of development is quite normal for MMOs and when Cryptic’s development budget for STO was 15 million dollars by the time it launched, that was considered very low.

2Ton Gamer

4 years is a bit. Go read an article posted within the last couple of weeks on MMORPG about the state of this game. Having a little more knowledge about the subject can only be a good thing whether or not you play or agree with said article.