Space colony MMO Seed raises $22.3 million with help from LEGO (seriously)


If Scrooge McDuck piles of money are enough to get you excited about the possibility of developing games, then jump into the moneybin that is Klang Games’ Seed. The SpatialOS space colony simulator announced this week that it has raised an additional $22.3 million in funding. What’s even stranger about this is that the funding partially came about thanks to your favorite interchangeable building block toy company.

That’s right, the investment arm of the LEGO company (Lego Ventures) joined the latest round of fundraising for Seed. “Lego Ventures is excited to support Klang as they continue to push the boundaries of what MMOs can be,” said a spokesperson. “We believe in the team and the vision and look forward to joining them on this journey.”

Another interesting connection to this project is Birgir Ragnarsson, formerly of CCP Games and now, thanks to Novator Partners’ investment, sitting as the chairman of Klang Games’ board. This round of investment brings Seed’s total funds raised to $37.42 million.

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Source: VentureBeat

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Rodrigo Dias Costa

This is one of those in-development MMOs that I’m hoping will see a launch. It’s shaping up to be really interesting.

Jon Wax

Reading through the tools given to fight yada yada…sounds like a vague grasp at “play nice” typicality. No real definition as to what constitutes bad behavior. Vague allusion to gear loss but no clarity on that. If the idea was solid, there’s no need for secrecy.


They gotta be quick spending the $37M if they are going to become 4th SpatialOS game cancelled this year.

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You know, my son still isn’t over what LEGO did when they shut down LEGO Universe. LEGO is ruthless when it comes to making money with their product lines. I’d be pretty wary of taking money from them.